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OLLI-UA Membership 

Please select your OLLI-UA Membership using the drop-down menu above. 

OLLI-UA is a membership-based program that provides continuing education programming to adults age 50 and older. 

Your membership gives you unlimited OLLI-UA classes at your registered ("home") campus for the valid dates of your membership. Additionally, you can take one class, per semester, at any other OLLI-UA campus free of charge, while you're a valid member, by contacting our office.

Need assistance paying for your OLLI-UA membership? Learn about our Membership Fee Waiver Program here

Be sure to read the Image Use Agreement for OLLI-UA. This is an opt-out policy. You can opt-out by sending your full name here.

Please note: an OLLI-UA Membership is not needed if you wish to only take Continuing and Professional Education courses.

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