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OLLI-UA is a membership based, cooperative, communal learning environment for anyone aged 50 and over. We encourage active engagement of members through a variety of opportunities. Once you're a member, check with your Campus Council to find out ways to get involved!

Begin your OLLI-UA Membership here.

Your membership gives you unlimited classes at your registered ("home")
 campus for the valid dates of your membership. Additionally, during your membership you can take one class per semester at any other campus free of charge by contacting our office.

Be sure to keep your user name and password where you can find them easily for future semesters' classes or to renew your membership.


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  Dates Valid Available for Purchase

Annual Membership

July 15 - June 30

July 15 - March 1

Fall Membership

July 15 - Dec 31

July 15 - Nov 1

Spring Membership

Jan 1 - April 30

Nov 11 - March 1

Summer Membership

May 1 - June 30

April 1 - June 30

Please be sure to print out your registration confirmation so that you have a written record of the classes you will be taking.  Bring the confirmation with you to the first meeting of each of your classes.

Be sure to read the 
Image Use Agreement for OLLI-UA. This is an opt-out policy. You can opt-out by sending your full name here.

If you've already had an OLLI-UA
 membership and want to renew, you MUST login first, and then select Renew OLLI-UA Membership from the menu on the right.

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